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Welcome!! Our mission is to give hope to a hopeless generation who has no hope of receiving optimum health except through the vehicle of specific scientific chiropractic.  Here’s my story

At eighteen years old while driving my Honda Civic, the tires started to hydroplane while taking a curve. With a broken knee and leg, I ended up in the hospital for a week. I can’t tell you how long this summer felt, especially going to the physical therapist 3 times per week to restore the proper range of motion of my knee and breaking down scar tissues. Nevertheless, I now had a passion in life, I wanted to become a physical therapist to help others that were hurting and without hope. After years in College, I finally got my diploma, but still in pain. I had been facing all kinds of problems during those college years, from foot to knee to lower back pain, but the sciatica seemed the worse of all. Not to mention the nightmares that I had every nights for years… I had a passion in life, but I was still without hope for myself and still broken on the inside. But I knew that God had an other plan for me. Years of taking seminars to perfect my manual skills, I met a chiropractor who was a physical therapist and he explained to me how life flows from Above, Down and the Inside, Out of your body. If no interference, my body would heal, pain would go away and I could reach better health than ever before! Could this be true? Does my body really has an innate intelligence that wants to keep me well and alive? It seemed too good to be true, so I said sure Doc, give me a “POP” :-) At that time, I didn’t realize it was going to change my life! It was a SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT! It hurt me so bad, I thought he broke something in my neck, surely, I would never get “CRACKED” again!! On top of that, I had to drive 5 hours back to my house that afternoon and didn’t feel any different! But the most interesting thing happened to me that night… My nightmares were gone and have been gone since this first adjustment. I had HOPE! :) I started to get my spine adjusted once in a while and guess what, my sciatica went away after a few months and overall, I started to feel better as well. In 2007, I sold everything I had, packed my bags and moved to Marietta, Georgia not speaking English to learn chiropractic from the best chiropractic college in the world! Full of hope, I knew I could change the world, even if it meant changing only one person’s life! That was the best decision I ever made in my life after accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior and marrying my wife. So here we are today, practicing SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC CHIROPRACTIC with PASSION to restore HOPE and allow healing to flow from ABOVE, DOWN & THE INSIDE, OUT!!

In our office we understand that most healing process requires time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, symptoms don’t arise in a day and healing doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time and repetition to reach your optimum health.

We believe that the following pages are focused to present information about things that you might have never heard before, for example; one of the most common cause of  physical and emotional pain, what it implies and a way to reduce and correct it without the use of drugs or surgery. You will learn how children can benefit from our care and the benefit of principled Chiropractic care in adult and elderly. It is our deepest goal to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals through Chiropractic care. But how? …glad you asked!! The best way to find out exactly how United Chiropractic Center can help you, whether you are young, middle aged, or even over the hill is to contact us personally. Best Regards,

Dr. Steve Landry, DC

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