First Visit

What should you expect during your first visit?

At first you will fill out information concerning your health history. You can find an electronic form on our site, print it and bring it with you when you come in to save time.

Health Profile (English)

Health Profile (Spanish)

Health Profile (Portuguese)

You will have a chance to be introduced with a tour of the office and learning about principled Chiropractic care before reviewing your health history with the Doctor.

The Doctor of Chiropractic will then review in detail your health history and then perform:

  1. Static spinal palpation
  2. Focused biomechanical assessment of your spine and joints (range of motion, impression of joint mobility; assessing bones and soft tissues “ligaments & cartilages”)
  3. Focused orthopedic assessment
  4. Focused neurological assessment (myotomes & dermatomes)
  5. Surface electromyography “sEMG” using computerized NASA space technology
  6. Order X-rays of your spine as needed
  7. Schedule you for the Doctor’s Report

Our goal is to locate and determine the presence of “Vertebral Subluxation Complexes”, meaning that we will analyze your initial evaluation and determine the presence of neurological interference caused by misaligned vertebrae. Neurological interferences can
affect any part of your body and produce different signs & symptoms.

We use the latest computerized technology to locate neurological interference and we will provide you with all the information available for you to understand the results.

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