Which tools do we use?

Objective tools, such as sEMG, have to correspond to your orthopedic, neurologic and radiographic assessment to confirm the presence of “Vertebral Subluxation” (AKA Nerve interference due to spinal bone misalignment) to be considered valid.

  1. Myovision surface electromyography (sEMG)
  2. Nervoscope & Thermography
  3. Postural X-ray Analysis

What is surface electromyography?

As muscles contract, microvolt level electrical signals are created within the muscle that may be measured from the surface of the body. A procedure that measures muscle activity from the skin is referred to as surface electromyography (sEMG).

Researchers, clinicians and Chiropractors use sEMG to evaluate the functional status of skeletal muscles and assist in neuromuscular training and rehabilitation. Chiropractors also use this technology to specifically locate an area of physiological dysfunction that allows them to pay more attention to the area involved. The small electrical current, or signal, which comes from nerves of active muscles, is detected by sensors placed on the skin directly above the muscles. The strength and pattern of the signal is displayed onto a computer screen and the data is collected in a software program that is able to run various analyses of the data to create useful reports regarding neurological and muscular function.

Researches about sEMG:

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  4. Scientific reliability and validity

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What is a Nervoscope?

Used by chiropractors to reliably detect and measure minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. Highly sensitive detector capable of picking up temperature changes as little as 0.02oF. It provides extremely sensitive temperature measurement and can be used comfortably and reliably for both pre- and post-adjustment assessment.Nervoscope

We understand that medical researches are limited concerning thermographic analysis and its use is often questioned by some insurance companies, but the Chiropractic profession recognizes high valued reliability and objectivity. The more objective you Chiropractor is, the better the results!

Postural X-ray Analysis:

X-ray AnalysisBased on Gonstead X-ray analysis to evaluate vertebral subluxation listings. We also analyze structural abnormalities, joint abnormalities, joint degeneration and much more.

We also use CBP analysis to determine cervical spine physiological curvature, joint degeneration and more.

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