Children Care

Proper Structure = Proper Function

We specialize in proper alignment of the spine so that your child will grow with optimal symmetry and biomechanics. How many times have we fall, hit our head or we simply slouched on the couch for hours playing video games? Well your child is probably no exception.

One more important aspect of your child’s health is the way he/she was born. Back in the days, we use to have children naturally, but things have changed tremendously. Now, most mothers receive epidural which disturb the natural delivery process. If that’s not enough, the doctor will use forceps to extract the baby’s head or vacuum him out, creating skull deformation or indentation. If that’s not enough, doctors will perform a C-section, cutting the mother’s belly and whipping the baby out by its head, creating a grade 2 whiplash injury to the baby’s neck.

All those procedures are damaging to the baby’s spine and nervous system. If you have any doubt that your child may have suffer spinal trauma at birth, please contact us for a free assessment.

We believe that every child should have the chance to get the best care possible from the earliest age. This is why we offer free spinal screening for every child that comes through our doors.

In doubt that your child may have a scoliosis, chronic ear infections, colic, back pain, digestive problems, headaches or other health concerns, feel free stopping by our office to receive our opinion concerning his or her overall health.

Dr. Landry has worked with children suffering from ear infections, scoliosis, back pain, constipation, ulcer, difficulty sleeping, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain… and saw amazing results!! Remember that if you correct the cause at a young age, it is usually much quicker and smoother to correct versus waiting until they are in their fifties.

During our assessments, we require parents to be present in the room for the comfort of the child. We will complete a similar orthopedic, palpatory and neurological assessment that we would do in adults.

Screening is Key

Children’s bodies develop rapidly and it is our priority to make sure that they grow optimally. Most scientific researches on the subject promote the importance of scoliosis prevention in young children.

Side effect of progressive and uncorrected scoliosis

Manual adjustments for scoliosis are very gentle and require very little force, but if your child present with a progressive scoliosis and left untreated many complications can occur.

If severe, wearing a back brace may cause great discomfort to your child and the corrective success is limited. Surgery may cause him to bleed too much, get an infection, or have a spinal cord injury.

If left untreated, the spine may continue to curve sideways. There may not be enough room in your child’s chest for his heart and lungs to work normally. His or her spinal cord and nerves may get pressed / pinched on (Nerve interference) and lead to problems or changes in organ function.

Diagnosing and correcting scoliosis as soon as possible is very important.

Call us if you are worried or have concerns about your child’s condition.

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