Corrective Care

This is a phase where we found a vertebral subluxation complex “VSC” (AKA spinal bone misalignment causing nerve interference) and we started specific scientific Chiropractic adjustments in order to correct and/or reduce the vertebral misalignment. In doing this, you may experience many different symptoms which are often time healing sensations.

Everyone will require different amount of time and repetition of adjustments, depending on the severity and degeneration of the spinal misalignment.

Using a series of assessment, we will be able to approximate the length of time require to allow you to reach optimal health through Chiropractic care.

When your spine is aligned, everything feels great and you do not need adjustments. When your spine is misaligned, it may cause pressure to your spinal nerves interfering with life flowing from your brain to your organs and tissue cells. Chiropractors are the only trained professionals to precisely locate and correct vertebral subluxations.

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